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Published: 22/11/2018

Christmas Special - Gift Ideas

Get festive with our large range of fabulous products perfect as Christmas presents! We've put together our Christmas special to give you some inspiration and take some of the stress away.



If you're a last minute shopper or trying to find that special present for someone who is difficult to buy for, we have something for everyone. We have put together a small selection for gift shopping ideas to suit all budgets, they are sure to make them smile when they open them on Christmas day! 


A classic Christmas gift and one which is great as a 'go to' is a traditional warm wooly jumper. Our Black Yak rainbow electric jumper is a great choice and one to suit most age groups and genders! The colours really do go with almost anything in your wardrobe and will keep the chill at bay in the bitter winter weather. Click here to shop now. 


Our popular range of rainbow tick wristwarmers and matching beanies are a perfect match to the rainbow electric jumper, with it's beautiful scattering of rainbow colours. Definitely something out of the ordinary and a little quirky! Click here to shop the wristwarmers, for the beanies click here

If you're after some stocking fillers, or a treat for yourself whilst you do the Christmas shopping then our new range of handcrafted felt keyrings are perfect!


With many different types to choose from, they can be used to keep all of those important keys together or can also be used to hang from your bag to add your own twist and style to make it individual. Click here to shop the range, all £3 and under. 

Give someone special the gift of warmth this Christmas with a fabulous wooly hat and gloves/wristwarmers. We've put together a selection of hats with suitable gloves/wristwarmers to match.


The new rust heather leaf bobble hat is a unique wool, blending various colours for a lovely warm tone. The rust heather cable mittens match perfectly! Click here to shop the bobble and click here to shop the mittens. 


Another new product, the graduated tick beanie in teal and grey is a decorative hat with a lovely scattering of grey. We have chosen the grey cable wristwarmers to match, they really bring out the lovely grey colour of the hat. Click here to shop the beanie and click here to shop the wristwarmers. 


With many new products this year, we have yet another! The white electric ridge beanie has the right amount of rainbow for someone that wants something a little different without standing out too much. We have white electric ridge wristwarmers for a perfect match to complete your set. Click here to shop the beanie and click here to shop the wristwarmers, 


Last but certainly not least, the Nordic slouch beanie in red has an intricate graduated tick design complete with a couple of tassels to finish it off, beautiful! This shape hat really suits everyone, you can't go wrong! The new plain red wristwarmers work well to bring out the red contrast of the hat and tassels. Perfect! Click here to shop the slouch beanie and click here to shop the wristwarmers. 

We hope we've given you enough inspiration to help you complete your gift shopping (or shop for yourself!). If you do need any more help deciding, help with sizing or matching items please give us a call as we are more than happy to help!