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Half Mitts
Half Mitts
Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless Gloves


Top quality fair trade, beautiful designs and lovely warm fingers.


Our gloves, mittens, mitts and wristwarmers are all hand made using high quality, pure new sheep's wool and safe dyes. The addition of full fleece lining for mittens and wristwarmers, with mitts and gloves half fleece lined, gives fantastic warmth on even the coldest of days.


Classic and stylish, fashionable and cool or sparkly and cute  - you choose.


Fold over Mitts - Patterned

Fold over mitts - classic

Fold over mitts - 2 tone stripe

Fold Over Mitts - Two Tone

Fold Over Mitts - Sparkle

Moss Stitch Half Mitts

Ridge Half Mitts

Garva Fingerless Gloves

Electric Stripe Fingerless Gloves

Cable Twist Wristwarmers

Naya pattern wristwarmers

Embroidered wristwarmers

Narrow stripe wristwarmers

Rosette Wristwarmers

Classic Wristwarmers

Thin stripes wristwarmer

Leaf pattern wristwarmers

NAYA Flame wristwarmers

NAYA sampler wristwarmer

Single Bow Wristwarmers

Textured wristwarmers

Kaleidoscope Wristwarmers

Geometric Wristwarmers

French Knot Wristwarmers

Fruit Button Wristwarmers

Diamond pattern wristwarmers

Natural tick wristwarmers

Tick Wristwarmers

Rainbow tick wristwarmers

Heather Mix Wristwarmers

Striped Wristwarmers

Unique Wristwarmers

Plain Crochet Wristwarmers

Squares Crochet Wristwarmers

Sparkle Crochet Wristwarmers

Contrast Border Wristwarmer

Electric Wristwarmers

Wool And Fine Wool Wristwarmers

Cable Wristwarmers

Natural Patterned Wristwarmers

Plain Wristwarmers

Amazing Animal Wristwarmers

Patterned Mittens

Cable Mittens

Electric Mittens

Ridged Mittens

NAYA pattern mittens