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Sizing Guide

Sizing of hand made garments is a constant challenge (or headache!).

Some styles are square shaped, others fitted, others just their own shape! 

Where possible we have given indications of the sizes with the descriptions of the items. More information will be added as we have more time to complete this. However we find any information on chest size and height that can be given on ordering, no matter how sparse the information, useful in helping us to choose the correct garment. Generally we will e-mail any customer who orders a fleece lined jacket for this information.

Many of our garments do vary within a size as do the size and shape of people. So if you have a special requirement i.e. long or short arms, long body, etc we will try and choose that special sized garment especially for you. This also applies to our woollen accessories which are mainly hand knitted i.e. for hats - if you have an especially small or large head, for 'gloves' - small, large, man's, ladies, need extra room please let us know - it all helps us to choose the most suitable sized item for you. Otherwise we will send out an average size!

We also welcome enquiries from our customers regarding sizing. If you require more specific information please e-mail or telephone and we will forward the relevant information.