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Black Yak has the most amazingly wonderful hats.


Hand knitted on knitting needles, using only the best quality sheep's wool - like they should be.

They are half fleece lined to stop the itching to your ears and forehead and to keep you warm, but let the steam escape!

Hats displayed here are all adult sizes and are not appropriate for small children.

Classic beanie

Winter Leaf Beanie

Garva Beanie

Pattern band Beanie

Cloche Hat with Crochet Flowers

Family fun Beanie

Double Zigzag Beanie

Fine wool mix cable beanies

Bow Sparkle Beanie

Lace cable beanie

French Knot Beanie

Cosmos Beanie

Multi-patterned beanie

Fruit Button Beanie

Felt Flower Cloche Hat

Large Crochet Flower Cloche Hat

Fine Wool Mix Beanies

Sparkle Border Beanie

Three bow sparkle beanie

Flower Patch Hat

Big Button Cloche Hat

Wings Beanie

Tubes beanie

Helix beanie

Natural ridge

Zig Zag Beanie

Plain Beanie

Breeze beanie

Random Stripe Beanie

Ridge stripe beanie

Watchman's Beanie

Airman's beanie

Helmet Hat

Rainbow Tick Beanie

Snowflake Beanie

Stereo Hat

Electric Beanie

Reverse Ridge Beanie

Soft Cotton Beanie

Moss baggy beanie

Diamond bands baggy beanie

Natural baggy beanie

Celtic Turn Up Bobble Hat

Highland Bobble Hat

Two Tone Turn Up hat

Single Knit Striped Bobble

Chunky rib bobble hat

Sparkle Felt Flower Bobble Hat

Classic bobble hat

Sparkle Trellis Bobble Hat

Double Tick Bobble Hat

Leaf pattern bobble

Cable Bobble Hat

Lattice step bobble hat

Reverse ridge bobble hat

Snowflake Bobble Hat

Snowflake band bobble

Soft Wool Bobble Hat

Pattern Ridge Bobble Hat

Ribbed Bobble Hat

Turn up Bobble Hat

Snowflake defender hat

Short Tail Hat

Cable Knit Six Bobble Tie Top Hat

Basket Weave Slouch Hat

Crochet Bobble Slouch

Cable Slouch Hat

Geometric Slouch Hat

Bamboo twist slouch

Lattice step slouch

Striped Bobble Slouch Hat

Animal Corner

Cotton Two Tail Hat

Cotton One Tail Hat

Long Tail Hat

Snowboarder Tassel Hat

Tie Top Ear Flap Hat

Knitted Flower Patch Ear Flap Hat

Recycled Silk Ear Flap Hat

Electric Ear Flap Hat

Moss Stitch Ear Flap Hat

Pattern Ear Flap Hat

Reindeer Or Snowflake Ear Flap Hat

Snowboarder Hat

Embroidered Snowflake Ear Flap Hat

Stripe Ear Flap Hat

Reverse Ridge Ear Flap Hat

Ridged Ear Flap Hat

Super Long Plait Ear Flap Hat

Pushpa Flower Headband

Moss Stitch Headband

Geometric headbands

Cable Headband

Sparkle Crochet Headbands

Akuti Cable Headband