Published: 23/11/2020

Top ten ladies wool hats

We may be a month away from winter yet, but it’s definitely getting colder and Christmas is very rapidly approaching.  Time to break out the hat and gloves and what better way to do that than with a Black Yak fair trade, hand knitted wool hat and gloves combo?

Black Yak is all about producing the very best top-quality winter wear using natural, sustainable wool.  Wool has an unmatched ability to retain heat and each Black Yak hat is half fleece lined for extra performance and comfort.  For the absolute best, whether you want a timeless classic or a funky, make you smile design, go to Black Yak. 

We at Black Yak are proud to be a BAFTS registered Fair Trade producer.  Black Yak Fair Trade is treating others like we would want to be treated ourselves and putting something back into this wonderful world that we all call home.

Here we have an essential selection of ten beautiful Black Yak ladies hats for your delectation. 

Where would we be without the indispensable slouch hat?  The fjord slouch hat is a stylish hat that keeps you beautifully warm and will fit almost any sized head.  This one is particularly useful for those that wear glasses and therefore wear their hats high on the forehead.

Matching wristwarmers go perfectly with this lovely hand knitted hat.


Fjord Range

Bobble hats.  Oh, where would the world be without bobble hats? 

Black Yak has an enormous variety of the classic bobble hat.  One of Black Yak’s all-time best sellers is the hand knitted Celtic cable turn up bobble hat.  An extremely versatile bobble hat in a very wide range of colours.


Celtic Bobble Hat

For a bit more colour in a wonderful lighter-weight hat, back to the fir stitch baggy beanie. A fir stitch welt with a plain knit body in beautiful contrasting colours, this is definitely a stand out hat. 


Fir Stitch Range

For texture and style in one look no further than the blackberry bobble hat.  A beautifully hand knitted bobble hat with a cosy rib welt giving a really neat fit and no draught around the ears. With colours to brighten the longest of winters.


Blackberry Bobble Hat

Continuing the texture theme is the stunning hand worked embroidered beanie.  A simple classic beanie with each hat being individually hand embroidered with a unique selection of flowers and knots.  Beautiful matching wristwarmers are also available for this lovely little hat.

Embroidered Range

The next on our list is the weave baggy beanie – and what a hat!  The weave baggy is an absolute tour de force of stunning knitting in Black Yak’s heather blend wool.  These natural colours show off the intricate weave pattern to its best advantage.  Knitted in Black Yak’s Naya style for an easy fit in an elegant yet comfortable look.


Weave Range

Now for a bit of fun and bling.  The sparkle felt flower bobble is a great rib welt bobble hat with felt flowers that twinkle on this really popular, comfortable and stylish hat.  Matching wristwarmers are also available.


Sparkle Flower Range

A newcomer on the scene is Black Yak’s easy fit graduated tick beanie.  This one is a really great choice and it comes with matching wristwarmers.  A hand made double knit beanie hat in three flattering colour options.


Graduated Tick Range

You just can’t beat a good bobble hat and you certainly cant beat Black Yak’s leaf pattern bobble hat hand knitted with Black Yak’s unique heather wool.  A brilliant addition to the range, this beautiful hat has a delicate pattern in lovely delicate colours with matching wristwarmers.

Leaf Pattern Range


Number ten on our list is my personal favourite – the multi coloured Chunky Rib Slouch Hat.  A wonderfully bright, fun and really comfortable hat that answers so many questions.  Unfortunately, though, not this week’s lottery numbers.  I did ask and it just stared at me blanky like I was an idiot for asking such a stupid question. 

Chunky Rib Slouch Hat

Because this list is for the top ten hats the next one gets through as an honourable mention.  The ever-popular rainbow tick beanie.  An absolute firm favourite that is available with matching wristwarmers.  A lovely hand knitted wool beanie with a half polyester fleece lining for extra comfort and improved fit. 

Rainbow Tick Range